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STOP Just Looking Forward to a Day Off

With Memorial Day fast approaching, many Americans are looking forward to an extra day in their weekend. If you’re like me, you’re traveling to spend some time with family you love. Some of you are looking forward to taking a trip, sleeping in, or spending an extra day with your children. Maybe you’re just getting some much needed time to mark something off of your to-do list or enjoy something you love doing. Some of you are hosting a big barbeque and others are headed out to the lake. Some of you are excited to reconnect with friends, and some of you can’t wait to hit the sales at the mall. Many of you are just overjoyed at the much anticipated arrival of summer.

All of these things are worth looking forward to. All of them are even worth getting excited about.

Can I implore you just to not let this be all you think of as Memorial Day approaches?

Thousands and thousands of people live Memorial Day each and every day of their lives. The actual observance of Memorial Day is simply a day they wish people would respect, or at least remember. To remember the member of their family who gave their life so that you can enjoy all of the things you were excited about for this upcoming weekend. They probably aren’t going anywhere of importance, except maybe a cemetery, or to be with others who are experiencing their same pain. They probably hate that Memorial Day is marked by “Huge Holiday Sale” signs or cheesy “Discount Days” jingles. They aren’t upset that you’re sleeping in, or getting a tan, or laughing with the ones you love. They dream they could be doing all of those things with the person they are missing. While I’m not a gold star family member, I would venture to say that they simply wish you would show some respect towards a day that was meant for them. Meant for the one they loved who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure you continued to live in freedom. Is that not worth a bit of your respect? A bit of your fun weekend? A bit of your time?

Can I ask you to take a moment to remember?

Remember the men and woman who gave their lives so that you may live yours in the way that you know it, today. If those brave men and woman had not done what they had, where would you be? What life would you lead? How different of a world would we live in? It’s hard to wrap my mind around what my life could be like without them. Thank God for those men and woman.

Now remember their families.

People around our nation live with a hole in their hearts; A hole that will never be replaced with anyone or anything. They live with that hole because of your freedom. They bear a burden that no one should have to because someone they love was willing to die to protect you. If you really understand the depth of that sacrifice, it should shake you. Thousands of men and woman have felt so strongly about your right to live in freedom, that they gave up their life to ensure you had it. Without ever meeting us, they have given us comforts we take for granted.

So on this one day of the year, could you take a moment to grasp what it’s really all about? Could you remember those who have given you freedom? Could you pray for those who are hurting because of the loved one they gave up for that freedom?

It doesn’t take much, just a bit of your heart and smidge of your time.


Ashley • May 21, 2015

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  1. Marilyn Morris May 21, 2015 - 4:51 pm Reply

    Excellent reminder about what this day really means to many people. Thank God for our brave soldiers!

  2. valerie Ornatowski May 21, 2015 - 5:58 pm Reply

    Well said. I will be taking the time to pray.

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