Kindness and Chaos

The Fabulous Fuhry of an Ordinary Girl


Joy Thieves with Tiffany

I’m so excited about today’s post. When I thought of who I wanted to write with me about Joy Thieves, I immediately thought of Tiffany. I admire her tenacity, strength, and grace both now and in the midst of what she is sharing with you today. Tiffany has kindly opened up about a hurtful experience in her life that was…

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Joy Thieves with Fallon Danae

Hey guys, Ashley here! I’m so excited to have some beautiful, strong, and talented ladies write for you this week! We are still on the topic of Joy Theives, and today’s post is by a wonderful friend, Fallon Lee. Fallon and I met at church, in our hometown, many moons ago! We are both military brats,…

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Joy Thieves – The Series

Congratulations to Michelle Rose, the winner of our Books of the Year giveaway. Please contact me with your book selection! I’m really excited about the topic of “Joy Thieves” because I don’t think it’s talked about enough. I feel like we (women especially) silently battle with this issue of belonging and we allow it to dictate our…

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Books of the Year

Congratulations to Barbara Abway, the winner of our New Year’s Goal Prize Pack! I’ll be shipping that out to you today, Barbara! The first real New Year’s goal I ever made was in 2012. I decided that I would read 52 books and average a book a week from my wedding day to my anniversary….

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Ringing in a New Year

Happy 2015! I hope you had a safe and wonderful New Year with your family and friends. This time of year there is tons of talk about resolutions. I was never much into the act of making resolutions. Who keeps those, anyway? I would scoff at people who would resolve to eat better or run…

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